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Persuasive Writing

This term we are studying persuasive writing.  To begin, we looked at a range of slogans for well known businesses.  We noticed that alliteration and rhyme were really important.  In groups, we worked to make a slogan and short advert for our given product.  Look at the amazing results!  

Odd and Even Numbers 

This week we have been revising odd and even numbers.  We ordered numbers and played a really fun game to develop this skill.  If you want to play the game, click on the link below.


We have been working on our balancing skills over the last few weeks and have progressed to balancing on a beam!  

Soft g

We have been learning about hard and soft letter sounds.  This week we learned about soft g, which makes a j sound.  We built words with the soft g sound and sorted words with hard and soft g.  

Problem Solving with Izak9

Our class have been learning about a range of problem solving strategies over the last few months.  This week we used the Izak9 resource to develop teamwork and systematic thinking.  The task was the make a Magic Square, where all columns, rows and diagonals should add up to 15.  It was pretty tricky!  

Outdoor Learning

Mrs Handforth's class love getting outside to learn.  It was so much fun working in our groups to complete a range of activities.  The town built in the sand pit was amazing, natural art houses were so creative and the 3D shelter was nothing short of impressive! 


Our class has been learning about the importance of warming up before physical activity.  Take a look at some of our warm up moves!  

Materials Investigation

Through our topic, Home Sweet Home, we have been discussing materials used in construction.  We worked in groups to explore the different properties of a range of materials and tested them to see how suitable they would be for building a house.  Our results showed that bricks and wood were good materials to use for this purpose. 


This term we are studying gymnastics in PE lessons.  To begin we had to balance on different numbers of body parts.  

Telling Time

Over the last few weeks our class has been learning a lot about telling the time.  Today, we used our time telling skills to complete a range of activities.  We tested our knowledge by completing a quiz on the iPad, worked with the teacher to develop telling time on the cloc and even furthered our skills in reading a calendar!  

Maths Week Visitor 

As part of Maths Week our class had a special visit from Mr. Nevin, a farmer.  He told us all about how he uses maths in his job.  We used our maths skills to help him solve some problems too!  

Autumn Bop!

Everyone had a great time at the Autumn Bop!  Check out those dance moves!  

Surveying the Town

This term our class topic is 'Home Sweet Home'.  We decided to complete a survey of the houses in our local area.  The pupils worked in pairs and used a tally to keep track of the number of houses on our route.  Back at school, we studied our data and turned it into a graph. 

Revision of Telling the Time 

This week we started revising what we already knew about telling the time.  We recapped on key times on the clock using individual clocks and by playing some fun games on our touch screen board!  

Visitors from the Baptist College 

Our class had such a great time with our visitors from the Baptist College.  The children loved hearing stories, singing songs and playing a super exciting strawberry lace game at the end!  

Maths Revision 

This week was revision week.  We enjoyed revising mathematical concepts through games, ICT, whiteboard tasks and team work activities. 


Dressed up for Maths Week

Our class had some amazing costumes and unique ideas for Maths Week!  Don't they look good?!

The answer is 5

The whole school worked on 'The answer is 5' problem.  We all had to write mathematical questions where the answer was 5.  We came up with some amazing questions in Year 4!  

Number Words

We developed our knowledge of place value further by converting numbers in figures into words and vise versa.  We are getting really good at it too!  

A.B.L. - Home Sweet Home

Our last session of A.B.L. before half term!  :-( 

Practical Maths

This week we revised place value during a task time.  We worked with the teacher on the hundred square to develop our skills in addition and subtraction.  The other tasks developed our quick recall of number bonds to 20 and we even had to play 'teacher', checking the sums were correct!  

Library Visit

On Monday 14th October, our class visited Ballymoney Library.  We enjoyed listening to the librarian and getting to look at all the books!  

A Letter from Mr. Wolf

Our class was so excited on Thursday when we received a letter from Mr. Wolf!  We were so excited that we wrote a letter back to him!  

Making Music

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about different composers with Mrs Carson in music lessons.  This week, we were composers!  

Months of the Year

This week our class has been learning the months of the year.  We played a really cool game to help us learn them!  Why not play it at home?  Follow this link! 

Take a look at all the fun games we played to help us learn the months of the year!  

P.E. - Ball Skills 

We have been working really hard on our ball skills this term.  This week we were trying to shoot into the net.  

One Minute Challenges

We were learning how to appreciate the passing of time.  We tried counting to estimate when one minute had passed and then completed a range one minute challenges.  Look at us go!  


During Literacy, we were learning about nouns.  We learned that nouns are people, places or things.  Can you think of some more?  

Movement Maths

We love learning with through movement!  Our mental maths warm up videos help us get ready for learning! 

Mystery Book 

Our class read a mystery book together during Literacy.  We were not able to see the title or the cover.  Then, we designed the cover and gave the book a title. 

Activity Based Learning 

Our topic this term is 'Home Sweet Home' and it really is sweet!  We are all loving the activities during A.B.L each week.  

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

This month our school value is KINDNESS.  Year 1 - 4 are going to show kindness to other children who are less fortunate by making a Christmas Shoe Box per class. 


We love our weekly P.E. lessons!  This term we are learning how to improve our ball skills. 

Revision Week 

This week we were revising our spellings using a range of fun techniques.  Maybe you can try some of them at home too?  

Place Value

We have been learning all about place value.  We used Base 10 to make numbers and to complete sums. 

Try out the Shark Numbers game to recap on your learning at home! 


Class Charter

Our class discussed what our rights and responsibilities are at school.  After this, we created rules together and agreed to follow these every day at school.  Everyone in the class signed their picture to agree to the rules.