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Year 5AM

Welcome to Miss Mulholland's class! We have an exciting year ahead!


Our Class Charter


The PowerPoint from the parent information meeting is available on the App.

Health and Wellbeing

We participated in a resilience workshop with the rest of year 5 on Wednesday 11th March. We discussed being kind, hunt the good, learning from setbacks and building each other up. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope to put what we learned into practice.

Science Week
To celebrate Science Week and as part of our World Around Us topic ‘Flying High’, Year 5 participated in a kite workshop. We learned about things that fly, how they fly, the forces involved and we designed and made our own kites. We can’t wait to get outside to fly our kites!

Shared Education Day 4

We visited our partner school, St Joseph’s, Dunloy. We were taught how to use three apps (Keynote, Clips and Green Screen) to create an animation. We produced animations, with the theme of acceptance, using our storyboards we created on day 2 and the models we made on day 3. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and are looking forward to our trip to W5 on day 5. 

World Book Day!
We all enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day. Can you guess characters we are?

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Using ICT

As part of our topic ‘Flying High’, we were interested to learn more about space after our lesson on the planets, so we used the IPads to complete our own research and we have started to create a PowerPoint presentation about the planets to share with our class.

'Flying High’

Take a look at some of our wonderful world around us work which is on display in our classroom. So far, we have learnt how to identify birds by their appearance and sound; taken part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch; looked at the difference between hibernation and migration, identifying animals that hibernate and those that migrate; researched animals’ journeys of migration; produced some lovely artwork (see below); and carried out an investigation to find which beak would be best to pick up different food sources.

Flying High’ 

As part of our topic, we have been studying paintings of peacocks by the artist, Natalia Goncharova. Using IPads, we researched the Russian-born artist before we studied her peacock artwork. We looked at her style and used a variety of mediums including pencil, paint and oil pastel to emulate her work. 

Year 5 Shared Education Day 3

On our third day, we visited our partner school, St. Joseph’s, Dunloy. We shared our storyboards inspired by the ‘For the Birds’ animation. Following this, we designed our characters before creating them with Model Magic, using pipe cleaners for any moving parts and decorating them using felt tips, pipe cleaners, beads, felt, feathers and stickers. We enjoyed having break and lunch and playing on the playground together. We even did some mindfulness artwork this afternoon. We really enjoyed Day 3!

Year 5 Shared Education Day 2

On our second day, St Joseph’s pupils came to us. We watched the ‘For the Birds’ animation which we all loved. After watching the animation, we created storyboards, working together in groups to think of a setting, characters and a story with a theme of acceptance and a moral in preparation for our animations. We really enjoyed Day 2!

The RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2020

On 4th February, we participated in the RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch. We became conservation scientists, helping to track the ups and downs of birds across the country.

Health and Fitness Week

 To celebrate Health and Fitness Week, week commencing 27th January, 5AM have been taking part in the Body Coach, Joe Wicks’ , 5 Minute Move Challenge using his workout videos. We have been having great fun every morning and have learnt some new exercises to keep us fit and healthy.

Year 5 Shared Education

We are enjoying working with St. Joseph’s, Dunloy. Our theme is sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences. We really enjoyed the drama session with Be Unique and the art activity in the afternoon.

Road Safety Week and Ditch the Dark Day!

Friendship Week 

This week, commencing 11th November, is Friendship Week in school. Miss Mulholland's class discussed the differences in the classroom and how we should appreciate each other's differences. We accept that we are all different, but we are all part of the same class and therefore will treat each other equally.

'Flying High'

Our topic in term 2 is 'Flying High'. As part of our topic, we are learning about birds. Joanne Mulholland, an RSPB Officer visited us to teach us which birds are native to Northern Ireland and how to identify them from their appearance and sound. After this, Joanne took us out into the school grounds and we did some bird watching using binoculars.

Mighty Machines

We have created questions which we want to investigate about our new topic, 'Mighty Machines'. We have also designed 'Mighty Machines' robots, building on our work on symmetry in mathematics. Additionally, we have been looking at our own bodies and how we are all 'Mighty Machines'.

Literacy and 'Mighty Machines'

This week in our 'Mighty Machines Topic and Literacy, we made a model set of lungs and planned and wrote instructions on 'How to Make a Model Set of Lungs'. 

Human Body Models

Over the last few weeks in WAU, as part of our 'Might Machines' topic, we have been creating models of the human body including our main organs reusing recycled materials which we brought in from home.

Instructional Writing

We planned our instructions 'How to Make Model Lungs' using a flow map. Following this, we used our flow maps to write our clear and concise instructions.



Week commencing 13th January, we have been looking at Time in mathematics. We have been telling the time to the nearest minute, converting between analogue and digital time, converting between the 12 and 24-hour clock and solving problems involving time.

Fraction Robots

In mathematics this week, we have been learning about fractions. Today, we did some fraction problem solving. Miss Mulholland gave us some unit and non-unit fractions and we had to colour that fraction of the robot a certain colour. However, we did not know how many squares in area the robot needed to be. Therefore, we had to find the lowest common multiple or common denominator of the fractions. Once we had established this, we designed our robots with that amount as their area. Then we found each fraction of the amount and coloured the squares accordingly.


We have been learning about coordinates and translation. We played various games to show our understanding of how to read and plot coordinates. We played several games including Battleships which we loved!


We have been learning about decimals this week. We have been working on our place value of numbers with tenths, comparing and ordering decimals with one decimal place, rounding decimals with one decimal place to the nearest whole number and solving problems involving decimals with one decimal place. On Friday, we consolidated all of our new learning through four practical activities which we all loved!. Take a look at the photos from this practical session

Celebrating Maths Week in Year 5!

Our class loved Maths Week! We solved problems, learning new problem solving strategies, including a Whole School Problem: 'The Answer is Five'; investigated, for example the relationship between shapes' sides and lines of symmetry and the relationship between the distance from our elbows to our wrists and the length of our feet; and participated in many mathematics games. Take a look at just some of what we got up to below!

We even dressed up as people who use mathematics everyday in their jobs! Can you guess who we dressed up as?



Our class reader is 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl. We are enjoying the novel so much that we decided to write our own descriptions of George's Grandma. We even drew illustrations in the style of Roald Dahl's favourite illustrator, Quentin Blake.

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