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Friendship Week

As part of Friendship Week we thought about what makes a good friend.

We talked about how we are all different and how each of us is

a very special person.

We decorated people templates to create a circle of friends.

Take a look at all of these great friends.

We had great fun when we tasted three different varieties of apples to find out which variety was favourite in Year 1RC.

Some people thought they might like one variety best but after completing the taste test they realised they preferred a different variety.

Our class survey revealed the favourite variety was Golden Delicious.

Year One have been learning all about the number four.

We did lots of practical activities to ensure we all understand everything about the number four.

Term 1B

This term we are thinking about Autumn.

To introduce the topic Year 1RC went for an Autumn Walk to observe the Seasonal changes. Look what we saw!

Look how busy Year One have been learning all about phonics, reading, numbers and shapes.

Play based learning based on the nursery rhyme "Incy Wincy Spider"

Year One have been learning all about the number three.

We can rote count to three, we can touch count to three, we can recognise the three rod and we can write the numeral three.

Have a look at our activities.


Year one have been learning all about tall and short.

Look at some of our fun activities.



Humpty Dumpty

we have been doing lots of fun activities during play based learning all connected the rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

Year One have been learning about patterns.

We looked for patterns in the environment.

We created some patterns using shapes and coloured cubes.

Year One have been learning the nursery rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock"

Children have been enjoying a variety of play activities based

on the nursery rhyme.

Year One are developing hand and eye coordination.

Children are also learning how to hold a pencil correctly.

We have been learning all about different shapes.


We looked for shapes in the environment. We talked about the properties of different shapes.


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Year 1RC

We were busy little bees this morning in Year 1. Mrs Carson read a story about being friends.  After the story we created a Class Charter about how we can all be friends and work together in our room.  Take a look at our class charter.

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