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Home Learning

8th - 12th June 2020

Take a look at our fantastic work.

Year One have had another fantastic week’s learning. They have covered so much. Just take a look at some of their fantastic work. 

Week beginning 18th May 2020

Year 1RC have had another busy week Learning at home.
Pupils have been completing Numeracy, Literacy, World Around Us, RE., PE and PDMU tasks.

Take a look to see how well they have been doing. 

Week beginning 18th May 2020

As part of

“Children’s Mental Health Matters”

Year One children were thinking about all of the things that make them feel happy.

Take a look at what makes children feel happy.

Week beginning 18th May 2020

The life cycle of a frog.

Children were learning all about the life cycle of a frog.
They were able to talk about the life cycle.

They then enjoyed a craft activity designing their own frog. 

Home Learning Week beginning 18th May 2020.

Children enjoyed listening to the Bible story “The Good Shepherd.”

They enjoyed drawing pictures to illustrate the story.

Year One children really let their creative skills run wild week beginning the 11th May 2020.

They were set the challenge to make a farm animal.

Take a look at the fantastic results! 

.Year One have been learning all about time. They thought about what they do at different times of the day.

They now know the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand.

They can tell the time to o’clock. 

Using ICT in Mathematics.

Children enjoyed playing shape games on Topmarks.

Children were matching shapes and continuing shape patterns.

Year One have been learning all day 2D shapes at home.

They can now talk about the properties of each shape. Look at their fantastic shape pictures.

Children enjoyed reciting the Nursery Rhyme “Humpty Dumpty.”

They then used a bubble map to write about Humpty Dumpty.

Children listened to the story”Handa’s Surprise.” Some children made a fruit salad at home.

Look at their super writing all about writing instructions for making fruit salad.

Children are learning lots of new skills at home during lockdown.

Look what these budding young bakers have rustled up.

Children in Year 1RC enjoyed making beautiful rainbows to display in their windows as a symbol of hope.  

Friendly Fred came to visit Year One today.

He loved to hear about all of the facts that the pupils could tell him about food.

He was most impressed by the Food Planning Board.

He asked the children about the things that they still wanted to learn about food.

Friendly Fred read a story about Handwashing.

He told the children that they must wash their hands thoroughly before eating food.

Year One listened very carefully and they showed Fred how they would wash their hands thoroughly before eating.

World Book Day

We all enjoyed dressing up and celebrating World Book Day today.

Take a look at the pictures and see if you can guess which characters we are!

We all had the opportunity to talk about who/what we dressed up as and why we like that character.

We read the story of "The Gingerbread Man" to celebrate World Book Day.

We decorated a Gingerbread Man biscuit and designed a Gingerbread Man.

As part of our World Around Us Topic - Yummy, Yummy, Year 1RC made jelly.

We used Jelly Powder and boiling water. we whisked the jelly powder and the boiling water.

It was placed in the fridge to cool.

When we left the jelly in the fridge it was a hot liquid and when we went back to collect it four hours later

it was a cold solid.

We talked about how things changed and we now understand the word dissolve.

Year One then got to taste the jelly.

It was delicious!

Children in Year One were participating in a variety of practical activities in Mathematics this week.

Children worked together and enjoyed peer assessing during the activities.

Year 1RC enjoyed coming to school dressed in red for saint Valentine's Day.

They also had great fun at a class party this morning, dancing, singing and laughing.

The children danced the Birdie Song, Hokey Cokey  and The Music Man dances.

After the party they created a bubble map to write about the party.

Year 1RC have been learning about Internet Safety. We listened to a story

"The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin"

We know if we see anything unusual while playing a game on a tablet we must stop and tell an adult.

Armed with binoculars Year One were outdoors again. This time we were participating in the RSPB Big School Birdwatch.

We had to move around the school grounds very quietly in order not to scare away the birds.

We saw two types of birds - sparrows and robins. We recorded the number of birds we saw.

These results will be included in the Nationwide Birdwatch Project.

Although we did not see very many birds, we listened carefully and we could hear lots of bird song. Perhaps Spring is just around the corner!

Children's Health and Well Being Week

As part of Children's Health and Well Being Week, Year One have been talking about lots of ways to show kindness to others.

In Circle Time we all agreed we like to be treated kindly and should therefore treat others kindly.

Play Based Learning.

This week in Play Based Learning we are focussing on the Fire Station.

Children have been involved in a variety of activities for example building fire stations, putting out fires, designing bravery medals and lots more.

Have a look at what Year One have been getting up to in the pictures below.

Year One were so excited to welcome a Paramedic to their classroom.

The pupils listened so well to all the things that the paramedic had to tell them about his job.

Some of the Year One children tried on the paramedics uniform, listened to a heartbeat using a stethoscope and took temperatures.

We said a huge "Thank you" to our visitor.

Year 1RC really enjoyed Health and Fitness Week.

We really enjoyed the keep fit session led by Mrs Boyd Year 4 Teacher.

We were all so chuffed to receive our beautiful certificates to celebrate our participation in Health and Fitness week.

Scientific Enquiry

As part of our People Who Help Us topic we learnt that the firefighter's uniform was waterproof. 

We wanted to find out which materials were waterproof. 

We decided the best way to do this was by testing some materials. 

We made predictions about which material we thought would be waterproof and then we carried out our experiment.  Take a look at our results. 

Health and Fitness Week

27th - 31st January 2020

As part of Health and Fitness Week in school, Year One will be walking 15 laps of the playground every day this week.

We got a great start made today.

The children really enjoyed the walk.

We talked about the benefits of exercise when we returned to the classroom.

Year 1RC had great fun making emergency vehicles.

They talked about which vehicle they would like to make, planned the vehicle, gathered resources and created the wonderful vehicles you see below.

Well done to Year 1RC.

Play Based Learning was based on the story of Burglar Bill.

He stole lots of things. He stole a box. When he got it home, a noise came from inside the box.

Year One had great fun guessing what was inside the box.

As part of Play Based Learning celebration Week, some Year 4 pupils came to help with Year 1 play based learning.

The older children really enjoyed helping the younger children.

Some pupils from Miss Hemphill's class visited our classroom for play based learning.

The children all enjoyed playing together.

Year 1RC P.E.

The teachers attended Gaelfast training in January and the Year 1 children had the opportunity to participate in some of the activities today in P.E.

Term 2a Week 2

Practical maths

Year One really enjoyed the opportunity to complete lots of different activities.

They have been learning all about the numbers one to six,  properties of 2D shapes,  domino match, counting sets

and Cuisenaire rods.

Children had the opportunity to talk about their leaning.

Term 2a Week 2

Play Based Learning

Look at all the different things we have been learning about in Play Based Learning.

Our new topic for Term 2 is "People who help us!"

We all enjoyed talking about what we would like to be when we grow up.

Friendship Week

As part of Friendship Week we thought about what makes a good friend.

We talked about how we are all different and how each of us is

a very special person.

We decorated people templates to create a circle of friends.

Take a look at all of these great friends.

We had great fun when we tasted three different varieties of apples to find out which variety was favourite in Year 1RC.

Some people thought they might like one variety best but after completing the taste test they realised they preferred a different variety.

Our class survey revealed the favourite variety was Golden Delicious.

Year One have been learning all about the number four.

We did lots of practical activities to ensure we all understand everything about the number four.

Term 1B

This term we are thinking about Autumn.

To introduce the topic Year 1RC went for an Autumn Walk to observe the Seasonal changes. Look what we saw!

Look how busy Year One have been learning all about phonics, reading, numbers and shapes.

Play based learning based on the nursery rhyme "Incy Wincy Spider"

Year One have been learning all about the number three.

We can rote count to three, we can touch count to three, we can recognise the three rod and we can write the numeral three.

Have a look at our activities.


Year one have been learning all about tall and short.

Look at some of our fun activities.



Humpty Dumpty

we have been doing lots of fun activities during play based learning all connected the rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

Year One have been learning about patterns.

We looked for patterns in the environment.

We created some patterns using shapes and coloured cubes.

Year One have been learning the nursery rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock"

Children have been enjoying a variety of play activities based

on the nursery rhyme.

Year One are developing hand and eye coordination.

Children are also learning how to hold a pencil correctly.

We have been learning all about different shapes.


We looked for shapes in the environment. We talked about the properties of different shapes.


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Year 1RC

We were busy little bees this morning in Year 1. Mrs Carson read a story about being friends.  After the story we created a Class Charter about how we can all be friends and work together in our room.  Take a look at our class charter.

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