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Term 2A

Scientific Enquiry

As part of our People Who Help Us topic we learnt that the firefighter's uniform was waterproof.  We wanted to find out which materials were waterproof.  We mad a prediction and then carried out our experiment.  Take a look at our results.  Scientific Enquiry is fun in Year 1.

Emergency Vehicles

As part of our People Who Help Us topic we made emergency vehicles at home.  Take a look at how creative we are.

Celebration of Play Based Learning

As part of our week of Celebration of Play Based Learning we took part in a peer play session.  Some of Mrs Carson's Year 1 class came into join in with us in Play Based Learning.  We enjoyed sharing our learning experiences with other children from another class.

Burglar Bill

We read the story of Burglar Bill in shared reading.  We have used the story as a stimulus for Play Based Learning. We are role playing the police station, making wanted posters, designing a police station, retelling the story and drawing Burglar Bill on the iPad.

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Fundamental Movement

During our Physical Development sessions we are focusing on Fundamental Movement.  Look at how well we can touch, jump and hop over a target.

Literacy Task Time

In P1AH we use Taskboard during our Literacy time.  We practice our skills in letter formation, think of words beginning with the letter and work at our tricky words.  We also have guided reading during this time. Look at how busy we are with v, my and I.

Numeracy Task Time

We enjoy Numeracy Task Time each week.  This gives us the opportunity to consolidate our number facts and practice our mathematical language.  Have a look at our learning.

Ditch The Dark

Year 1AH dressed in bright colours for Ditch the Dark day.

Friendship Week

As part of Friendship Week we read a story called Ronald the Rhino.  Ronald wanted to be like all the other animals in the jungle.  He didn't appreciate that his uniqueness made him special.  We then created a Circle of Friends.  This helped us to see that we are all unique but we can all get along.

Incy Wincy Spider

As part of our nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider we made rain shakers.  We talked about the different sounds that the materials made.  Some groups had to put more in than others to make a sound.  We talked about how we could make these at home.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play gives us the opportunity to develop our fine and gross motor skills.  Take a look at what we can do.

Jolly Phonics

We have started learning our letter sounds.  This week we were learning all about 't' and 'i'. During taskboard time we were sorting for the letters, writing the letters in the sand and making them from play dough.  We are proud of our work.

Colour mixing

We learnt the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.  We thought about all the uses of water.  Miss Hemphill used food colouring to change the colour of the water.  We did an experiment during Play Based Learning to find out how to make new colours. It was tricky using the pipette but we had great fun.  Take a look.

Our topic this term is A Time to Rhyme.  We have been learning different nursery rhymes.  Have a look at our Play Based Learning activities based on Hickory Dickory Dock.

Year 1AH enjoy listening to big books.  Miss Hemphill told us the title of our book but didn't show us the cover.  We had to predict what a meanie was. 

Year 1AH

We had a great first day in Year 1.  Miss Hemphill read us a story about being friends.  We created a Class Charter about how we can all be friends and work together in our room.  Take a look at what we have done.