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Pupil Learning Packs

22 March 2020 (by J Jamison (kjamison))

Everyone rallied round last week in the preparation of pupil packs.  As previously explained the Education Authority advised schools to prepare four-week packs but our dedicated staff put together eight-week packs. Teachers have prepared learning for their pupils through providing paper copies of literacy and numeracy activities as well as links to online learning. The main priority for this week is to ensure that all parents have their See Saw link working and that each pupil’s online learning links are also working. It is great that we have these online learning links in place. It is important to note that the fundraising efforts of the Friends of The Model have paid the school’s Accelerated Reader and Reading Eggs subscription for the last few years which is approximately £2000 per year. 

Parents and teachers communicating for online learning in this form is new to all of us.  Teachers will do their best to assist with any problems. but parents please be patient as they will not be able to respond instantly, and we ask that you give them 24 hours. This could be as they are communicating with another parent or assisting with the key worker provision in school. Some of our teachers have also young children and will be juggling childcare and school work like yourselves when working from home.  

Parents we do understand the pressure on you at this time with supporting your child/ren at home with their learning particularly if you have work commitments and/or more than one child. All the activities that we have given are optional. Every family has their own situation and circumstances and you can only do what you can. 

Hopefully each family will be able to create a routine that will work for them over the next few weeks. 

Mrs Jamison