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Update - Pupils arrival to school in the morning

12 September 2020 (by J Jamison (kjamison))

All our children have adapted so well to the routines of the new school day and we have now completed our second week of school. 


We are all particularly impressed with our Year 1 pupils on their successful transition from their pre-school setting to primary school. 


With all pupils knowing the morning routines well we can now trial pupils arriving at the time of their parents’ choosing between 8.45am - 9.15am. 


8.45am is definitely the busiest time. We ask if parents have the flexibility of coming slightly later to please do so to reduce the number of pupils arriving at once. 


I will continue to be in the front playground each morning to welcome pupils to school. To keep things as manageable as possible we would encourage all our Year 2 – 7 pupils to come into school independently, if at all possible. Year 1 parents are welcome to accompany their child to their entrance door.


The one-way system is going well and we will continue with this. 


Parents, if you arrive at school and it is very busy at the school gate we ask for you and your child/ren to practice social distancing or wait in your car until it is quieter. Parents, if your child/ren walk to school, please discuss with them that if they arrive at the school gate and it is very busy to just wait a moment and endeavour to practice social distancing.  


We hope that parents can work together on Monday to ensure that pupils’ arrival to school goes wellHopefully everything will be manageable and go smoothly, if not we will return to pupils’ arriving to school at a time in relation to their surname.  


With our new school day routine, Mrs Arlow is busy assisting pupils at the main entrance door each morning between 8.45am - 9.15am and is unable to answer the phone at this time.  If you need to get in contact with school please complete a Communication Form on the new school app and then we can pick up these messages after 9.15am when pupils have all arrived and are in class. 


Thank you for all your support to date in helping to get all our pupils back to school successfully. 


Mrs Jamison