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Year 5 - Mrs Thom

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As part of our topic on ‘Mighty Machines’ we have been learning all about the lungs. We learnt about the different parts of the lungs and their function. We also studied our breathing and learnt about our respiratory rate. We then completed an experiment to measure our breathing before and after we exercised. 

Take a look at our Term 1A highlights. Our topic is ‘Mighty Machines’ and we have been learning all about our bodies and how to look after them. This term we have studied the ‘Eatwell plate’ and the healthy eating pyramid and then we designed our own healthy lunchboxes and our favourite healthy meal which we made on a plate using some scrap materials. We have also been learning about how to look after our minds by taking part in Neuronimo lessons and by making a ‘Coping wheel’ in which we had to think of activities that help us to cope when we are feeling down. We have also been learning all about our organs and were they are located in our bodies. We drew self portraits inspired by Picasso’s cubism style and enjoyed thinking about the colours and shapes we could use. 

Today to celebrate World Mental Health Day we watched a PowerPoint on things we could do to improve our mental health. We also took part in our daily Neuronimo lesson and we learnt about the different parts of the brain and how we can look after them. We finished the lesson with a Burst Of Brilliance were we had to think of three things that we were looking forward to that day. 

This week we have been learning about translating shapes a given unit to the right/left and up/down. We also have been plotting coordinates on a grid to make a shape and also reading coordinates from a map. On Friday we played a variety of activities to reinforce what we had learnt during the week. 

Take a look at all the great work we have completed so far this term linked to our World Around Us theme “Mighty Machines “. We have been learning about the organs in our body and what jobs they do and where they are located in our body. We have also been learning about the importance of a healthy diet by learning about the ‘Healthy eating pyramid’ and the ‘Eatwell plate’. We then designed our own healthy lunchbox and our favourite healthy meal. 

Year 5 made the number 40 to celebrate 40 Years of Integrated Education. 

As a Right Respecting School we spend time at the beginning of the year agreeing on our Class Charter. We spend time discussing our rights and responsibilities and this is reflected in the Charter.