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Mrs Murphy's Class 5JM

Class Charter

During the start of our new term 1, we have discussed our class rules and we have agreed a Class Charter, which also links in with the School Rights Respecting Articles. We are all different and unique with our own talents, but it is very important that within our Class Charter we all Work together to have a successful year ahead for everyone in our class and throughout our school.

If we have any worries or concerns, we can speak first to the class teacher, classroom assistant,  or place them in our class worry box.

We are looking forward to a great ahead in 5JM.


Mighty Machines

Our World Around Us topic this term in Year 5 is Mighty Machines.

Mrs Murphy's class have enjoyed sharing and thinking about how special and unique we all are and through PDMU and Art activities to become aware of our similarities and differences. At the start of term 1A we made our Mighty Me Machine balloons and 3D Talent cubes to brighten our class displays in our classroom.

Mathematics & Numeracy 5JM

Shape & Symmetry

During term 1A Mrs Murphy's class have been learning and recognising properties of shapes. We have had a very busy term identifying the number of lines of symmetry in shapes and everyday objects and how shapes can rotate, reflect and translate. All the children participated enthusiastically and had great fun together trying to rotate and reflect their shapes.

Term 1A Highlights in 5JM

Mrs Murphy's Class have had a busy term, with first discussing and drawing up an agreed Class Charter and talking about relevant Articles as a  Rights Respecting  School. We have a colourful Class Charter on display in our classroom.

Our Year 5 World Around Us topic is Mighty Machines.

We have enjoyed finding out and researching about Mighty Machines in our world, how the human body requires fuel, food and energy to stay alive and keep healthy. Through our PDMU and World Around Us activities, we have created Mind Maps, Healthy Eating Plates and discussed about making healthy choices. The past few weeks we designed our own individual Coping Wheel with illustrated strategies to help us become aware about dealing with negative and positive emotions and to consider which would be the best coping strategy.

In Using Communication as part of our class writing we wrote, interesting, concise instructions about how to make a "Coping Wheel".

During term 1A, we have reading lots of AR individual and Guided Reading Books and we were delighted to be awarded the class in KS2 with the highest accuracy in September. We will continue to enjoy reading during Book Week and into next term.

Last week we had great fun completing a variety of Maths Challenges, and successfully designed our Fraction Robots, Number Digit Puzzles, Geometry Games and competing with each other in Live Mathletics, to try and gain as many points and certificates in Mathletics.

We also have participated in PE games, RE and in music listening to Classical music by Debussy!

A very busy, fun and interesting start to all our class and home activities during term 1A!


Mathematics & Numeracy

Mrs Murphy's class in Year 5 have been learning how to convert mass from grammes to kilogrammes using one decimal place. The pupils participated in practical games and activities to help consolidate their learning of these new concepts in converting metric units of measurements.

Friendship Week

"During friendship Week, the pupils in Mrs Murphy's class talked about Being a Caring Friend and the qualities of a good friend. The children also used the similes of ice cream flavours to attribute the special, unique qualities which describe them as a friend, to design and create Ice Cream Cones of Kindness".

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Term 1B Highlights

During Term 1B Mrs Murphy's class have enjoyed writing instructions on how to make a Magic Potion, after reading their class Novel George's Marvellous Medicine.
The children experimented on how top make the mixture fizzy. In Mathematics & Numeracy the children were learning about  multiplication and division grid methods using partitioning and the grid of multiplication, decimals, fractions and mass converting grammes to kilogrammes. There were also lots of achievements gained this term in Mathletics with Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates earning lots of House Points
Mrs Murphy's class also participated in whole school Days of Action Sustrans Ditch the Dar , Eco-Schools Translink Challenge, Children in Need and Christmas Jumper Day.
The children also participated in other curricular areas, participating in Golden Time Board Games, Outdoors, Movies and the highlight of playing Tabletennis.
We really enjoyed learning about Advent in RE and performing in the virtual KS2 Carol Service and learning British Sign language to accompany with actions in the Twelve Dyas of Christmas at the end of term. A busy term in 5JM.