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Ballymoney Model Integrated Primary School

Welcome to Year 4 - Mrs Handforth's Class 


World Mental Health Day 

On 10th October it was World Mental Health Day.  In school today, we talked about their feelings and mental health.  Whilst taking part in Neuronimo, we learned that the neurochemical GABA is produced when we move around.  GABA makes us sleep better and feel better too!  We decided to put on one of our favourite songs and dance around!  It was great fun and is a fantastic technique to keep us feeling good.  So, the next time you are feeling a little blue, turn on the radio and dance like no-one’s watching!   


Safety on the Building Site 

As part of our topic this term we have been learning about staying safe on the building site.  We learned about why workmen need to be alert on the job and consider safety at all times.  We looked at a range of safety signs and posters and even spotted dangers on the construction site.  We decided to make safety posters to help keep others safe!  



This month our school value is kindness.  We listened to a story on C2K News Desk and then wrote sentences about how to be kind to others.  We made these into a digital poster.  What do you think of our posters? 



We learned about how long one minute is.  It was fun to estimate one minute passing by counting to 60.  Do you think you could do it accurately?  

We tried to do lots of different tasks in one minute and discovered that our results were all very different.  We explored the reasons why this might happen. 

For example, we worked out that someone with a long name could only write their name a few times in one minute compared to someone with a shorter name.  


40 Years of Integreated Education 

We are celebrating 40 years of Integrated Education!  



European Day of Languages 

On Monday 27th September, Year 4 celebrated European Day of Languages.  We decided to learn a little Spanish, as one pupil from our year group is from Spain.  It was really fun learning to count to 10 and sing the 'Ten Little Fingers' song in Spanish too!  We used our knowledge to complete a colour by numbers, it was great!  To top it all off, we tested out some Polish biscuits too...we thought they tasted like a Jaffa Cake minus the chocolate!  Yummy! 


Roald Dahl Day 

Mrs Handforth’s class really enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl Day on Monday 13th September.  As part of our celebrations we learned about the author Roald Dahl and his illustrator colleague, Quentin Blake.  It was lots of fun studying the images he created to bring Roald Dahl’s books to life.  We chose our favourite character and then painted it using water colours.  Take a look at us in action!  Do you recognise any of the characters?



Our Class Charter 

On the first day we talked about our rights and responsibilities at school.  We know that with our rights come responsibilities.  To ensure everyone can get the best out of school every day, we came up with a set of rules to follow.   We know that rules are there to keep us safe and makes sure that everyone knows what is expected from them.   The whole class worked together to come up with these rules and we have displayed them on our Class Charter.  We signed our names by adding our picture to the display.