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Mrs Handforth - P4


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Outdoor ABL

Our topic this term is Home Sweet Home.  During Outdoor ABL lessons we built shelters, made fairy houses, played traditional playground games and made art on the playground. 



During PE this term we have been learning to move to the rhythm of the music.  We worked really hard as a class to put together this dance routine.  Watch the video to check us out!  Don't we have some great moves?  


Problem Solving 

We have been learning lots of different ways to solve a problem.  This week we focused on using real life items to help us.  



We have been learning about prediction during Language and Literacy lessons.  Today, we read a mystery book.  Our teacher didn't tell us the title and we didn't get to see the front cover.  We had to use clues from the book to design a front cover and come up with a title!  


Construction jobs

Our topic this term is 'Home Sweet Home'.  We have been learning about different types of homes in our area, plans and who might use them.  Today we learned about the different tradesmen involved in building a house.  


Revision Week

This week we used a range of different spelling activities to help us learn our spellings for the monthly test! 


Activity Based Learning

We love our weekly ABL sessions.  It is so much fun to learn through play.  


Place Value 

Today, we learned about how numbers are made up.  We looked at two digit numbers and explored tens and units.



We were busy getting to know the members of our class even better today!  We played Human BINGO!  

It was great fun to get chatting to our friends and classmates to learn new things about them!