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Welcome to Year 7 - Mr Strickland

End of Term 1A Update

The pupils of 7TS have been working really hard and have made excellent progress throughout their time in Year 7. Some of the highlights during Term 1A include:

 - In Language and Literacy, we were introduced to our new class novel, ‘Friend or Foe’, by Michael Morpurgo. In relation to the story, we learned the structure of a tanka poem and composed our own tanka poem to convey the feelings and emotions of a child evacuee during WWII. We developed our skills in comparing and contrasting by finding the similarities and differences of living in the city of London and the Devon countryside during WWII. Additionally, we took part in a hot seating activity to gain a deeper understanding of a character in the story. We began to look at the structure of an informal letter and practised writing our own informal letter, in preparation for writing a letter from the viewpoint of an evacuee.

- In Numeracy, we identified the value of the digit in a number and practised reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers up to 10,000,000. We also successfully answered questions using the formal written method for each of the four operations. We explored strategies to multiply 2-digit numbers by other 2-digit numbers. Additionally, we practised simplifying, ordering and adding fractions and used co-ordinates to reflect shapes vertically, horizontally and diagonally. We developed our teamworking and problem-solving skills when completing IZAK-9 challenges and Numicon activities.

- In the World Around Us we were introduced to our new topic, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. Working in pairs, we initially looked at photos, data and other information in relation to the topic to generate key investigative questions. We used the internet to research the axes and the allies during WWII and completed a map-labelling activity. We used the internet to identify the main events of WWII and created a timeline of WWII events.

- During Term 1A we were fortunate to receive special PE lessons from John Fall Sports and hockey lessons! We would also like to thank Miss Jackson for her weekly PE lessons.

- We completed a variety of interesting and informative PDMU lessons with Mrs Carson. In one particular lesson we thought carefully about our personal strengths and how to use them effectively.

- In a special series of music lessons, we practised our KS2 song, ‘Harvest Hymn’, which was filmed as part of our whole-song Harvest production!

- In RE, we completed a variety of exciting activities from Grow in Love.

We hope you enjoy looking at our highlights.


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Year 7 - Mr Strickland

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