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Ballymoney Model Integrated Primary School

Welcome to Speech and Language - Mrs Mack's Class

Term 1A

Mrs Mack’s class enjoyed celebrating the European Day of Languages by finding out some fun facts about Poland. The pupils watched a video to learn how to count to five in Polish, sampled tasty treats, and coloured the flag of Poland.

The pupils found out about Roald Dahl by reading information from a PowerPoint or learning facts on the C2k Newsdesk. The pupils also identified characters within the book, 'The Enormous Crocodile'. Look at the fantastic drawings, paintings and collages of the Enormous Crocodile and the Roly-Poly Bird!

Take a look at the fun and learning which took place during a 2-D Shape hunt within our school environment!

Have a look at our Superhero themed Class Charter. Everyone thought carefully about how to create and maintain a happy classroom by looking at the rights and responsibilities linked to UNICEF’s UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.